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If you are looking for a referee for a make-up game, please contact Matt Crozier or Paul Nelson for suggestions.



USA HOCKEY - REFEREE SEMINARS - MASSACHUSETTS DISTRICT can be found by going to the site mentioned below for those who are interetsed in becoming a referee. Or you can go the tab " MA Hockey Ref  Site" located under the Referee Information tab.


Please note that you have to be at least 12 years old to become a ref.

To All Referee Candidates,
If you are interested in becoming a referee or you are already a referee looking to sign up again this year there is a two step process you need to complete.
First go to www.usahockey.com and click on the OFFICIALS  at the top and then click on ONLINE REGISTRATION.  Once registered USA hockey will send you an updated rulebook and notify you by email when you will be able to take your online exam.
If you are a NEW referee (must be 12 yo or older) you will be signing up for Level 1.  This entails registering online with USA hockey after which they will send you a rules book.  You will have to read the rule book then take the online exam of 50 questions.   
If you are an EXISTING referee you will be mailed an updated rulebook and your exam will be 100 questions.
For all referees (no matter what level you are studying for)  the next step is to go to  http://masshockeyofficials.com/seminars/   and choose a seminar to attend.  All referees MUST attend a seminar for the level which they applied.  For Level 1 candidates, there will be no exam at the seminars (the only exam is the online exam).  For all other levels, you will be required to take a closed book exam at the seminar. 
Once you have completed these two steps and successfully passed both exams (1 exam for level 1) then you will receive your crest and can referee.