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Concord-Carlisle Youth Hockey

Player Equipment Requirements

All Players are required to wear the CCYH uniform at each game. A player's uniform is owned by the player for use from one season to the next. If a player is new to the program, loses their uniform, or outgrows their uniform, they will be required to purchase a new uniform. The CCYH program requires each player to have one CCYH game jersey as well as one pair of CCYH team socks. Jerseys/socks are purchased by selecting "needs new jersey" during registration and/or contacting the Registrar before June prior to season start. Hockey socks and jersey are distributed before the beginning of each season.

Local businesses to purchase equipment / sharpen skates

  • www.hitthenet.com
  • www.zwickers.com (new/used).
  • www.triconsports.com
  • www.playitagainsports.com (new/used)
  • www.PureHockey.com

Required Hockey Equipment

  • Hockey Bag
  • Hockey Stick (lefty or righty according to player's preference)
  • Boys/Girls Protective Cup for Hockey Players (has Velcro on front/back of leg to secure hockey socks)
  • Hockey Knee/Shin Pads
  • Hockey Elbow Pads
  • Hockey Shoulder Pads
  • Hockey Socks
  • Hockey Pants (CCYH has a preference for black pants)
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Hockey Skates (always sharpened)
  • Hockey Stick (cut to chin level when standing on skates)
  • Hockey Helmet (CCYH has a preference for black helmets)
    • Full Face Cage – HECC Approved
    • Mouth Guard (Required for PeeWee / Bantam / Midget. Optional for Mosquitos / Mites / Squirts. )
    • Helmet must fit head properly (Not too loose or too tight)
    • Helmet & Cage Straps must be in good working order
  • Any other equipment required by USA Hockey, Mass Hockey, Valley League, or Yankee League, as appropriate, or any applicable tournament organization.

Optional Equipment

  • Extra Stick
  • Neck Guard
  • Hockey Tape
  • Practice Jersey
  • Skate Guards
  • Water Bottle (recommended)
  • Skate Blade Rag
  • Helmet Kit

All skaters for Mosquitos and above must use an HECC approved helmet with face protector, this is strictly enforced at practice and games. Coaches are excluded from having to wear face protectors but do need to wear helmets when on the ice. Coaches and referees will not allow skaters with improper equipment on the ice. Neck guards, while not required by USAH or MAH, are recommended and encouraged by CCYH. A player's mouth guard does not have to be tethered but must be colored. While equipment does not have to be new, it should fit the player well and be in good condition. Goalie equipment can be provided for each team if needed.